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  • Does your cat suffer from the "food blues?!" Are you fed up with recalls, kibble, by-products, chemicals, colorings, preservatives, & mystery ingredients in your pets food?


  • Whistle Creek Pet Nutrition has your solution! B.iolagically A.ppropriate F.eeding, featuring local, "farm to dish," ingredients. 


  • Freshest Ingredients - Polyface Farm, Inc. Chicken w/ Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Chicken Neck, Chicken Lung, Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp with Water For Processing, Cod Liver Oil, Ginger. 


  • Naturally low in carbs with excellent levels of beneficial taurine! 


  • Guaranteed Analysis -      As Fed                      Dry Matter 

     Protein (min)                         16.92%                      60.84%

     Fat (min)                                8.65%                       30.26%

     Fiber (max)                            0.50%                          1.75%

     Moisture (max)                      71.41%                          


  • Thaw & serve. Once thawed, feed within 3 - 4 days and keep leftovers refrigerated.
  • Whistle Creek Pet Nutrition's, "Pastured Chicken Dinner" is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. We believe healthy animal nutrient balance & variety can be achieved through rotation of meat, bone, organ, & natural food sources.
  • Ground, bleneded, & packaged in small batches in Virginia, ready to thaw & serve.


  • Meat + Bone + Organ + Trace Minerals & Vitamins.


  • Feeding Instructions - Feed 2-4% of body weight daily (3-4 ounces per 10 lb body weight) based on activity level & age, less can be fed to achieve weight loss goals. Kittens & pregnant cats will require 6-10% of body weight daily. Do not overfeed. Always monitor pet during consumption & provide clean drinking water.



"Polyface Farm Pastured Chicken Dinner" Premium Raw Cat Food 16 oz

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Available for pickup & home delivery!


    This fresh raw frozen product is available for pick up & delivery to your home though Polyface Farm Store & Buying Club (All across VA and MD) order yours today @

    Fresh food can also be purchased through me directly at the Lexington VA Farmers Market

    Bulk orders welcomed.

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