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In collaboration with Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA - we introduce you to our premium raw dog food using local whole Polyface Farm's pastured chickens with ground in bone, organs, & vitamins + minerals from natural food sources. 


Does your dog suffer from the "food blues?!" Are you fed up with recalls, kibble, by-products, chemicals, colorings, preservatives, & mystery ingredients in your pets food?


A special blend of whole food "powerhouse nutrition" ingredients for your pet to enjoy & thrive on. Ground, packaged, & ready to thaw & serve. Meat + Bone + Organ + Trace Minerals & Vitamins.


Available for delivery through Polyface Farms store & buying club across VA & MD through


Also available for pick up through me directly @ the Lexington VA (year round weekly) Farmers Market

Bulk  & wholesale orders welcomed! 


Feed 2 - 4% (1/2 cup per 25 lbs) of body weight daily, based on age & activity level. Puppies & pregnant dogs will require 6 - 10% of body weight daily. Do not overfeed. Always monitor pet during consumption and provide plenty of clean drinking water. 

Guaranteed Analysis -    As Fed                   Dry Matter 

Crude Protein - (min)     16.29%                    58.58%

Crude Fat - (min)           8.39%                      30.17%

Crude Fiber (max)         0.50%                         1.80%

Moisture (max)             72.19%


Thaw & serve. Freeze for up to 6 months, Once thawed, enjoy within 3-4 days and keep leftovers refrigerated.


Polyface, Inc. Pastured Chicken with Ground Bone, Chicken Neck, Chicken Liver, Chicken Lung, Chicken Heart, Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp with Water For Processing, Ginger, Cod Liver Oil, Wheat Germ Oil. 


Once thawed, feed within 3 - 4 days and keep leftovers refrigerated. Whistle Creek Pet Nutrition's, "Pastured Chicken Dinner" is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. We believe healthy animal nutrient balance & variety can be achieved through rotation of meat, bone, organ, & natural food sources. 



"Polyface Farm Pastured Chicken Dinner" Premium Raw Dog Food

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  • Available for pickup & delivery, see details below...


    This fresh raw frozen product is available for pick up & delivery @ Polyface Farm Store & Buying Club (All across VA and MD) through

    Fresh food can also be purchased through me directly at the Lexington (year round weekly) & Staunton, VA farmers markets (weekly April to November) 

    Bulk orders welcomed.

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